Feb 252015


Join us every Friday from 3:30pm-4:30pm We will be meeting in the meeting room downstairs. Use your imagination and create your own ideas or look through some of our Lego books for inspiration and instruction. Throughout the year we will have competitions, exhibitions, other Lego related special events. This group is geared to kids age 7-17.

May 062014

What amazing, fun, interesting books are you reading? This month “Get Caught Reading” with us. Check out our Facebook page, post a photo of yourself with the book you’re reading or bring us one and we’ll put it up on our wall. For more information check out http://www.getcaughtreading.org/

Oct 092013

After many years of hard work, time and money, The Bridgton Public Library is proud to present you with our very own digital archives. The archives have the Bridgton Weekly News from 1870-2011, all meticulously scanned into PDFs for you to view and print.  You can find our archives in the side widget button or under digital services. For now, just click here and have fun!




To navigate each page, use the arrow key in the top right hand corner, circled in red.


Additional help can be found on the archive site, but for your convenience we’ve put it here for you.



Building a Great Search

The easiest way to search is to simply type what you are searching for in the basic search box.

  • You can enclose your search in double quote marks to indicate that your terms are part of a phrase.
    • i.e. Searching for “Lincoln gives speech” would only search for pages which contain those words in that order, and not pages which contain those words in a different order, such as: ‘…gives a speech. Lincoln is a great…’
  • You can use the all-capital term OR to indicate that you want results which contain at least one of the words you are searching for
    • Abraham OR Lincoln will return any page with either Abraham or Lincoln
  • You can use the all-capital term AND to indicate that you only want results which contain both the term before the AND and the term following the AND
    • Abraham AND Lincoln will return any page containing both the term Abraham and the term Lincoln, though the two terms do not need to be in order

Adobe Reader Tips

  • Always make sure that you have the most recent version of Adobe Reader for the best possible experience.
  • The Adobe Reader comes with some tools enabled and some hidden. The most useful tools that are already enabled are the save, print, text select, zoom, and fit-to-page.
  • To enable more tools, just right-click on the Adobe toolbar, and select the tool you would like from the menu.
  • We recommend that you add the snapshot tool (under the “edit” menu), the advanced search tool (under the “edit” menu) and the marquee zoom tool (under the “Select & Zoom” menu)



Always remember, if you want to get updates from our library, you can subscribe. Just fill in your email address in the side widget of our webpage and click subscribe.

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Our New Website

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Oct 012013

Welcome to the new Bridgton Public Library website.

Don’t worry, all the previous information is still readily available for you, it’s just organized a bit differently.

Above you can use the menu system to navigate between all our pages and if you are having trouble finding something, you can use the search box on the top right hand corner.

Below the search box, we have several widgets for your convenience. We have a calendar that gives you the days events and several online resources that you may find useful.

Looking for the Library Catalog. Scroll down the page and to the right hand side you will see an image link for the catalog and other digital resources.

With our new webpage, we will post topics of interest on a regular basis and you can even subscribe to our website to get updates delivered right to your email.  Just enter your email in the right sidebar widget and hit subscribe!

You can also see our October newsletter here

From all of us at the Bridgton Public Library, happy reading!


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