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We had some good times this October with Mother Goose but November is here.  Below you can find some event information for November and remember you can always subscribe to our blog. Just enter your email and click submit. You will get notifications delivered to your email.


Fun times with lots of games

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November Newsletter



November Mother Goose Time

Mother Goose time is a weekly theme-based, interactive, learning program that includes songs, stories, fingerplays, felt board fun and crafts. The program is designed for children one to four years old. However, anyone who is interested is welcome. Join us on Tuesdays from 10:30- 11:30 a.m.


Topics for November:

Nov.5th –Miss Lizabeth’s B-Party: You’re all invited to a birthday celebration! You’ll have the opportunity to vote for your favorite Sesame Street character too! Put your party hats on, have some goodies and enjoy the fun!

Nov.12th -National Young Reader’s Week: “Froggy”, “Clifford the Big Red Dog”, and “Max the Bunny” will visit us today as we honor their stories. What books do you like best? Read them this week.

Nov.19th- Kindness, Caring and Sharing: The season of giving is drawing near, but being nice to others is something we should do all year long. When we’re friendly to people, most likely they will be pleasant to us. Do something nice for someone today!

Nov.26th- Thanksgiving: Feasting time is almost here! Join us as we travel aboard the “Mayflower” to attend the 1st Thanksgiving. Turkeys, pilgrims and indians will be present at this gathering. Come see a real pilgrim costume too!


Remember to check out our calendar for more events this November!

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