Internet Guidelines


Internet and Computer Use Guidelines

The Bridgton Public Library is pleased to offer nineteen Internet terminals for public use, all with a fast broadband connection. All computers can access the library’s card catalog, and have Microsoft Word and Excel available for use. Selected computers also have Microsoft Publisher, Access and Powerpoint.

Black and color printing, copying, scanning and faxing are available. Printing charges are 10 cents per page for black and white printouts, and 25 cents per page for color.

Internet Use Rules
(Revised January 2013)

In order to provide access for as many people as possible and to ensure use of our system in a manner consistent with the mission of the Bridgton Public Library:

1. Computer use is limited to 2 one-half hour sessions per day, per person. Exceptions at the discretion of the staff.

2. Electronic resources may be used for legal purposes only. Unacceptable uses, which include displaying or disseminating explicit or suggestive material, as defined by the staff, will result in the user being removed from the computer for a period of time, at the discretion of the Library Director.

3. Web-based email access only.

4. Printing costs are 10 cents per page for B&W, and 25 cents for color.

6. Children age 10 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

7. Children ages 11 to 15 must have a permission slip signed by parent or guardian to have unlimited Internet access.

Wireless Internet Access Acceptable Use Policy

Access to the Internet at the Bridgton Public Library is a privilege, not a right. Bridgton Public Library Internet access may be used for legal purposes only. All users are asked to respect the privacy of other users and not attempt to censor or comment upon what others are viewing. Be considerate of others when viewing material that may be considered offensive by other library users. Also be considerate of others by muting the volume or using headphones when using your own computer within the library.

While the staff of Bridgton Public Library does not monitor an individual’s computer use, there are times when viewing otherwise legal materials may be inappropriate or when the behavior of those using the Internet may be inappropriate. The Library staff reserves the right to address such use of the Internet or behavior by requiring a patron to terminate his or her use of wireless access.

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